Playdate Sessions


Now introducing Playdate sessions!  

Meet up with friends or family and enjoy a "playdate" while I capture portraits of your children

just being themselves and having fun!    

The great thing about these sessions is the kids can just play.  

There is no pressure to sit still or follow directions.  

It's easy, just pick a location - park, playground, your home, your playgroup's favorite spot

and I'll capture portraits of your children doing what they do best - playing!


Now booking - 

Contact me to schedule your Playdate session. 

Limited spots available for SPRING 2019 



Playdate Sessions Q&A

WHAT IS A PLAYDATE SESSION?  As a mom of teens now, the photos I cherish most of my own children's early years are ones when they were just playing at the park, in the sprinkler with neighborhood friends or playing dress up with friends.  That's my inspiration behind these sessions.  And the best part is, you can enjoy the sessions with friends or family and split the cost making it a very affordable option.  And, all digital files are included in the session price so you don't have to spend time later choosing your favorites - they are all included.  Think of the session as a playdate with a camera!

WHEN ARE PLAYDATE SESSIONS?  These sessions can be scheduled during the week (typically a.m. for the toddler/preschool age or afternoon for older children) and possibly a Saturday a.m. depending on my schedule.  These sessions are currently only available from April - June 2019.

WHAT AGE ARE PLAYDATE SESSIONS FOR?  Playdate Sessions are aimed at baby, toddler, preschool and elementary school age children.  I offer a similar type of session for later elementary school,middle school and teens. Inquire about my "Celebrate Friendship Sessions" for this age group.

HOW MUCH IS A PLAYDATE SESSION? The session price is $550 and includes the session fee as well all the high resolution digital files.  That's right - all the high resolution edited digital files are included.  A password protected online line gallery will be delivered with your digital downloads. And I will recommend a printing lab that I love.  There is no time spent after your session trying to decide on your favorites.  Your gallery of images will be delivered within two weeks of your playdate.  The playdate session fee can be split among families making it a very affordable option. Up to 10 children can be included in a session fee.  Different payment options are available - one person may reserve the session and coordinate collection with friends (think Venmo!) or separate invoices may be sent to each family.  Session fee is required to reserve a date.

WHAT IF I NEED TO CHANGE MY DATE?  No problem!  I understand that things happen - bad weather, sick child, ...  I will coordinate with you to pick another date that works best for your group.

WHAT SHOULD MY CHILD WEAR?  This is completely up to you!  I recommend comfortable play clothes especially at the playground.   So many options - have a princess, super hero or favorite dress up outfit- bring the costumes along!  I'll capture images of your child exploring the magic of pretend play.

CAN WE GET A GROUP SHOT OF ALL THE KIDS?  Absolutely!  One of my favorite holiday ornaments is photo playgroup shot of the kids in my son's first playgroup.  They are all teenagers now and I always look back at this time so fondly.  Everyone says it but it really does go by so fast!   I'll save this type of photo for the end of the session so we keep most of the session time reserved for just playing.